LYNN HAVEN Fla. (WMBB) –  The City of Lynn Haven is taking another look at its city ordinance for animals.

The last time they set pet guidelines were over 35 years ago and now the city is hoping to strengthen the current ordinance.

City Manager Vickie Gainer said many residents voiced concern saying they did not know about the current law. Only about 150 pets are registered with the city.

One of the major changes they are considering is rewording the pet registration rule.

“And I think after hurricane Michael we just really didn’t do a lot of it due to so many other things that need to be done. We added it back to this new ordinance,” Gainer said.

The board also discussed how to better assist residents if an animal runs away.

“One of the commissioners even said that they’ve been out when someone has lost their animal and helped to look for that animal,” Gainer said. “The commission came up with a really good idea of voluntarily registering their animals which is only $10 and then if they want to microchip add it for an additional $5.”

During city events, the board discussed how dogs should be allowed, but only if they are on a six-foot leash. Gainer says they have also seen a rise in vicious dog attacks. So the board talked about potential solutions.

“In the past year or so we wanted to make sure we could make sure that we had some restrictions in place so that wouldn’t happen again,” she said.

Gainers said the goal is for the ordinance to better align with county and state statutes.

Tuesday was the first reading of the new animal ordinance, and now the city wants to hear from residents.

Changes are not official yet.