PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — As is normal in a competitive process the prosecutors and the defense don’t agree on much in the Lynn Haven corruption case.

That now includes when to hold the trial for Margo Anderson, the former mayor of Lynn Haven, and James Finch, the owner of Phoenix construction.

The pair are accused of bribery and fraud involving city projects before and after Hurricane Michael.

Judge Mark Walker had hoped that the two parties could agree on a trial schedule in the case. However, Finch’s attorney, Guy Lewis, said during a Thursday afternoon conference call that they could not agree. The defense wants to set the trial for October or November. Prosecutors presumably want to have it sooner than that but they did not reveal a specific time frame.

Lewis said the timing will prove tricky because he is filing more motions in the case and that could lead to more charges being dismissed. Depending on what is left the trial could last three weeks or three days.

The defense successfully got a conspiracy charge thrown out but the rest of the case remains in place so far. It’s unclear what other parts of the prosecution’s case Lewis will attack before the trial. He did suggest that one of the motions would be for severance which would mean that Finch and Anderson would be tried separately.

Lewis had hoped to turn the case into a bench trial but prosecutors declined that request and under federal law the trial, when and if it happens, will be before a jury.

Walker instructed the defense and the prosecution to file their requests for a trial timeline and said he would most likely rule on it next week.

“This case has taken more time than some cases but the issues, in this case, are more involved than many cases that come before this court,” Walker said.