BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Have you ever accidentally dialed 911? If it happens to you, Lynn Haven Police are asking you to stay on the line, and don’t hang up.

Communications Manager Raymond Gates said it is important for dispatchers to make sure everything is okay. 

When you hang up, the call gets traced and officers show up at the location where the call originated.

Those who do not have a real emergency and call 911 because they’re lonely or want information can face felony charges, fines, and possible jail time.

“Don’t use 911 to call for information, times, reports, and anything other than a real emergency,” Gates said. “We like to tell people the same type of things our parents always told us: if you are bleeding, if someone is hurt or you need an ambulance, or an active crime is taking place, then call 911.”

If your child accidentally calls, dispatchers will ask to speak to an adult. If they cannot, they will send an officer to the scene.