PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — An outside law firm is recommending the city take no action against Lynn Haven Police Chief Ricky Ramie, for now.

The recommendation is the result of city manager Vicky Gainer’s request that the Rumberger-Kirk Law Firm look into a complaint originating with city commissioner Judy Tinder.

After Tinder and Ramie testified at last week’s Lynn Haven corruption hearing, Tinder demanded the immediate dismissal of Ramie for a number of reasons.

They included charging work on his personal boat to the city, text messages in which Ramie allegedly admits to fixing traffic tickets, and a series of text messages between Ramie and former city manager Michael White, which according to Tinder contained LGBTQ hate speech, racially inflammatory images and communications, giving a firearm to White from police evidence, and setting-up someone to be arrested.

Ramie has admitted to sending an inappropriate text about Tinder’s domestic partner 5-years ago, and a lack of judgment in sending it. But, he has denied all the other accusations.

In his letter to Gainer, Attorney J. David Marsey detailed his review at some length.

In short, he said there is insufficient evidence to corroborate any misconduct allegations against Ramie. That’s due in part to Verizon’s data retention policies.

News 13 has requested Judge Mark Walker release the text message in question. He is expected to rule on that request by this Friday.

Marsey also wrote Tinder has a history of public attacks on Gainer and Ramie, that she has a prior history of repeating secondhand stories as fact, and has repeatedly been cautioned for overstepping her authority as a city commissioner, interfering with the daily management of the city.

Marsey concluded by writing that unless or until additional information is provided, he does not recommend any further action be taken against Ramie.