LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Federal indictments claim Margo Anderson conducted much of her illegal dealings with the “Owner of Company-B”.

Based on the allegations, News 13 believes that the owner of Company-B is James Finch, owner of Phoenix Construction.

When FBI agents raided Anderson’s home Wednesday morning, they confiscated a motorhome worth over $100,000 dollars.

“It also indicates things of value were given to Anderson including a motorhome valued at $106,000 dollars that was provided by the owner of Company B,” said U.S. Attorney Steven Kunz.

In early 2019, News 13 asked Anderson if she received a free motorhome from local contractor James Finch.

Her husband Lee showed us a bill of sale for $35,000 dollars that prosecutors now say was fake.

Margo Anderson has maintained a close friendship with Finch both before and after she came into office. She and her husband were married on Finch’s yacht in Key West.

The indictment claims the Andersons took trips to Key West and Biloxi, Mississippi on Finch’s private jet. Prosecutors say she did not claim the trips or report them as gifts, as required by Florida state law.

 A lot of this took place while the City of Lynn Haven was doing business with Finch.

Prosecutors’ biggest claims involve Anderson allegedly ordering city staff to funnel debris clean-up and disposal business to Finch, involving millions of dollars in contracts.  

 Other claims pre-date Hurricane Michael.

In 2015, city officials awarded Finch a $3. 72 million dollar contract for stormwater improvements on the 17th Street ditch project.

The terms included 20-years of interest payments to Finch.

But prosecutors say Anderson signed a deal without city approval authorizing 30 years of interest payments, netting Finch another 1 million dollars.

The city has also voted to give Finch all of its half-cent gas tax money for road improvements

When News 13 asked James Finch about his relationship with the Andersons, he said claimed he sold Lee Anderson the motorhome for $70,000 dollars.

He also said while Margo Anderson is a dear friend of his, he said he didn’t need her vote to secure city contracts because the other commissioners also voted for approval.

The indictment also claimed the owner of Company-B lied to the FBI.