LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Most people are happy when they hear a new restaurant is coming to their town, but a proposed steakhouse in Lynn Haven is raising a few concerns. 

Lynn Haven officials have granted a permit for the construction of Nelson’s Steakhouse on Florida Avenue, just off Highway 390. A few of the neighbors say they’re worried the business will not have room for adequate parking spaces. They don’t want guests parking on the street, but city commissioners say their hands are tied. 

“Even if we didn’t feel like they didn’t meet what we desired, but because they met the codes that we’ve created, then we need to go back and revisit the codes so there has been some discussion on revisiting the codes since that time. But basically, you know, we created the laws, they met the laws,” Lynn Haven Mayor Jesse Nelson said.

There’s no word as to when construction will begin on the new business.