LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – Lynn Haven city commissioners are planning to update their property maintenance code.

They held a public workshop tonight for citizens to talk about the code enforcement ordinance.
City commissioners believe it’s essential to improve not only community pride but residential property values as well. But before they can adopt the current international property maintenance code, they need feedback.

A small group of residents attended Tuesday night’s workshop.

Most said they are in favor of adopting an improved maintenance code. Officials have been working on updating the current code since last Oct.

The revised ordinance will include updated language and be much easier to understand.

“It’s been over a year that we’ve been reviewing this to make sure that we dot our i’s and cross our t’s making sure that the code is written so it’s accurate and helps protect the city and the residents,” said Lynn Haven County Commissioner Jamie Warrick.

Warrick says they’ve made a lot of headway since they began doing the workshops. He says the goal is to make sure residents don’t feel like the city government is being overbearing or strict when it comes to code enforcement.

“There are some things in there that people thought were nit-picky, like chip paint screens on your house, little things like that. And, those types of things we decided just to do away with because of a lot of vague language in that,” Warrick said.

When commissioners read through all eight chapters of the maintenance code, those who attended were pleased with what was included.

However, one resident says there should be a section for FEMA funding to take care of hazardous trees.

“In the future, if you ever have storms it’s actually good ordinance to have because it makes it a lot easier to go through and do a secondary outside-of-road program so you can go in and clean those up through FEMA funding versus having to do them through the city,” said Lynn Haven resident Zach Detwiler.

Officials say they plan on taking that into consideration at the next meeting.

Lynn Haven commissioners are planning to have a final vote on whether or not they adopt the revised maintenance code in November. That next meeting, by the way, is November 14 at 9 a.m. at Lynn Haven City Hall.

To review the current Lynn Haven maintenance code click here.