LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — A Bay County resident’s father-son tradition has turned into a lifelong passion.

“My two boys are 38 and 35 now, and I started the program when they were six and three years old respectively,” Break-Even Golf Founder Lee Anderson said. 

The Bay County resident started the Break-Even Golf tournament for his sons over 30 years ago and has carried the tradition on for his grandkids. 

“I have two grandchildren one is a boy who is 11 years old and a granddaughter who is eight years old, and they’re both members of the golf program and they love tournaments, they love golf and they are my primary motivation for doing them,” Anderson said.

Anderson stated his goal is to spread the love of the game. 

“I want all kids to benefit. Kids like playing golf with other kids, they like playing with mom and dad and family and friends, but they really like playing with other kids,” Anderson said. 

Anderson holds the 9-hole junior tournaments every month at the Nature Walk Gulf Club. 

Mosley High School sophomore and varsity golf player Linda Taylor said the monthly tournament helps her with her golf game

“I play in this tournament with my father. Helps me with golf, gets me ready for the season, gets me closer to my dad,” Taylor said.

To sign up for a tournament, contact Anderson at 850-319-6773.