PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A reckoning is coming for the defendants and the prosecutors in the Lynn Haven corruption case, but it remains to be seen if a federal judge will take the case to trial or dismiss the charges.

As the case against Margo Anderson, the former mayor of Lynn Haven, and James Finch, the owner of Phoenix Construction Inc., continues the defense and prosecutors have filed dueling motions about whether or not the case should go forward.

In an April 27 motion, Anderson and Finch accused prosecutors, witnesses, and investigators of violating the law and the judge’s orders during the investigation and the run-up to the trial. Prosecutors responded on May 17 in a 216-page document that is still sealed from the public.

The defense has now filed a final response, and while it is redacted, it is available for the public to view. Finch’s attorney, Guy Lewis, continues to push for the case to be dismissed.

“In this case, the prosecutor has pushed false and misleading facts regarding Finch with a complete disregard for the truth,” he wrote.

He added that Finch, his family, and his business have “suffered profoundly” as a result of the prosecution.

“James has worked tirelessly his entire life to establish an honest and honorable reputation in the community for tenacity, truthfulness, and philanthropy,” Lewis wrote. “Bribery and corruption are simply not in his character, as many upstanding individuals would testify. … Even worse, Finch has fought this legal battle while continuing to fight a progressive and dangerous cancer.”

“With great deference to the Court, we respectfully suggest that the time has come to bring this matter to a close once and for all,” he added.

A trial date is set in the case for June 27. However, until Judge Mark Walker rules on the issues in the case, it is unclear if the trial will move forward. It is also unclear when Walker will issue his ruling.