PANAMA CITY BEACH Fla. (WMBB) — Today adorable furry friends stole the hearts of those who attended Lucky Puppy Rescue’s 10th annual Spayghetti event. This year they raised a total of $40 thousand dollars making this their best year yet.

One look in those little eyes, and why wouldn’t you want to donate to the cause. Each year the Spayghetti event raises money to spay dogs and stop overpopulation. Director Teri Mattson said the next step is helping them find a forever home. 

“So what we do is we bring them in and first we vaccinate and spay so that they don’t make more,” Mattson said. “That’s the first step in overpopulation.”

It costs around 150 dollars to spay each pup, and the organization wants to make sure they go home to a family that will love and cares for them right. 

This year the event had over 40 sponsors helping to make the day possible. Peggy Wilson, the Manager of Bree’s Animal Hospital said they help every year. 

“It gets bigger and bigger and this year is probably going to be one of the biggest years,” Wilson said. 

The event has sponsors from all across Bay County. They are raffling off over $15 thousand worth of prizes and have real spaghetti and other snacks to munch on. 

The most important part of the day is finding a home for these puppies. The Lucky Puppy Rescue has hundreds of dogs in all breeds and sizes ready to be adopted. Click HERE to get more information on how to adopt or volunteer.