PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Tuesday was National Skate Day and a couple of Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputies surprised a few local skateboarders.

The deputies went to the skate park by Pete Edwards Field Tuesday to give out free skateboards.

This is the first time the sheriff’s office has done this.

Deputy Gage Cowart grew up skateboarding and said he wanted to show the local skating community some love.

“I started skateboarding when I was eight years old,” Cowart said. “I’ve been doing it ever since. Growing up as a kid didn’t have the best relationship with law enforcement sometimes so we’re trying to strengthen that and show these kids out here skating today that we’re people too, we like to skateboard too and we are trying to just have a good connection with them.”

Local skateboarders were thrilled to get their hands on the new boards.

“All of our boards, especially with skating are constantly jumping down stairs or doing something where you are putting your body and your skateboard at risk so it’s awesome to be able to get a brand new one with all the parts on it and everything by cops just coming out here for National Skate Day,” Ewan Scott said.

The boards were purchased in part with leftover money from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Project 25 fund.