BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Bay County Sheriff’s deputies have released more information about Wednesday’s double death investigation.

They have identified the killer and are now calling this situation a murder-suicide. 

David Haram’s last act before he killed himself was a gruesome Facebook post around six a.m. Wednesday morning.

Haram wrote that he’d killed a female acquaintance in his bedroom at the Annabella’s Condominiums in Panama City Beach and his body could be found by the Hathaway Bridge. 

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After friends saw the post they alerted Bay County Sheriff’s deputies.

They found Haram’s car parked on the south side of the west end of the Hathaway. 

He was dead from a gunshot wound to the head, the weapon still in his hand.

Owner of Electroluxe Tattoos in Panama City, Steven Thomas, said he has known Haram since 2004 when they lived in north Alabama.

He said Haram moved to Panama City Beach around 2015. 

 “We were looking for an artist to fill a spot and David came down and that’s how he ended up here,” Thomas said. 

Thomas said Haram worked at a few different tattoo shops in the area. He said something has always been off about him. 

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“When he came down here it was a bit different,” Thomas said. “I mean now when I previously said he was one step to the left or one step to the right he was like real far left or real far-right or real far behind.”

Thomas hadn’t spoken to haram since before Hurricane Michael. When he heard about the murder-suicide he was startled by not necessarily shocked. 

“I’m surprised but not surprised,” Thomas said. “When you are kind of on the rails like that it could go one way or the other. Would I have anticipated it went this far, absolutely not. Did I think something would happen, sure.”

Although Haram’s victim has been widely identified on social media, her family asked that we not identify her, a request we are honoring.