PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Haney Technical College cosmetology students are getting their hands in real clients’ hair for the first time since Hurricane Michael.

One of their instructors, Kim Thompson, said the students learn more by practicing on members of the community.

“They can kind of see how everyone’s hair is not the same and not everything follows the rules that you learn in the book so this has been a great experience for sure,” Thompson said.

What’s the benefit of getting your hair done by a student? It’s a win-win.

“It’s probably a quarter of the price that you would see in some of the other salons,” Cosmetology Instructor Kim Thompson said. “We don’t really charge to make money, we just charge to kind of support like the products and stuff we have.”

Thompson said they’ve been booking appointments left and right.

They’re open Monday through Friday from 7:30-1 and offer facials, manicures, and waxing.

Client Josephine Pace said she’s going to become a regular after her experience on Friday.

“This is wonderful. I enjoyed it very much,” Pace said.

The Haney Salon is by appointment only.

Call (850) 767-5511 if you’d like to book a visit.