BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)– A NASA rocket launch, it’s something people see on the internet or television, but seldom in person. Several girls from Girls Inc. of Bay County will get to witness the historic moment, live and in-person at the Kennedy Space Center next week.

Girls Inc. is a non-profit who’s mission is to equip girls with the skills to navigate through economic, gender, and social barriers and to grow up as independent individuals.

The out of this world opportunity is free, and funded by non-profit, Student Launch. It’s the first time in 50 years, NASA has sent a rocket to the moon. In addition to getting a stellar view of the Artemis I rocket launch, the girls will get to tour the Kennedy Space Center and partake in hands-on stem activities.

“It’s really amazing to go see such a thing,” said sixth-grader, Shamiel Grant.

“I’ve only seen videos of it, so it’s going to be so cool to actually see it,” said said eighth grader, Allena Mebane.

Girls Inc. Site Supervisor, Amanda Alexander, is attending the rocket launch with the girls and hopes the girls are inspired, and that the realize the sky is the limit when it comes too pursuing the career of their dreams.

“We hope that they may one day go into STEM,” said Alexander.

A full circle moment for the group as well, Girls Inc. of Bay County alumna, Kyla Richard, now works at the Kennedy Space Center as a NASA Energetics Manufacturing engineer.

“Now they see they can go on to do the same thing and starting at Girls Inc. of Bay County, you can go anywhere,” said Alexander.

The hope is that the girls are inspired to shoot for the moon, literally, and pursue the career of their dreams. Though they may be young, these girls already have some big dreams.

“I want to to be like an anatomical pathologist,” said Mebane.

“I want to be a marine biologist,” said sixth grader, Amara Lane.

“I want to be a cosmetologist,” said eighth grader, Anecia Russ.

The girls said they hope to encourage other young girls their age to be strong, smart, and bold too.