BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Florida Supreme Court rejected a local murderer’s attempts to have his death sentence tossed out Thursday.

They’ve upheld the death penalty for 62-year-old Roderick Orme.

Orme raped, beat, and then killed Lisa Redd, a local nurse, at a Panama City motel room in 1992.

Redd was trying to help Orme overcome his drug addiction and Orme called her for help.

He was convicted at his first trial in 1993 and sentenced to death.

Orme has since received two more sentencing trials and received the death penalty during both.

In February, his attorneys’ argued before the state supreme court, saying Orme sitting on death row for 30 years constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, and asked the justices to throw out his death sentence.

The court has refused to do so.

Orme is one of six Bay County men currently awaiting execution in Florida.