BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – The Bay County Clerk of the Court is finally able to return home after Hurricane Michael tore through their original building.

After the storm, they were placed on the third floor of the BayCounty Government Center. Starting Monday, December sixth, it marked the first-day staff is back near the rest of the courthouse.

“This building was at one time, they were thinking of tearing it down and it would be a parking lot but it’s a beautiful piece of property and we are excited to be here the county did a very good job of getting it ready,” said Clerk of Court Bill Kinsaul.

They have taken over the former code compliance building, which was 225 McKenzie Avenue in Downtown Panama City.

Kinsaul said relocating the finance office is important because it will be central once again to the other clerk’s office.

“Catching up from the storm it’s been three-plus years but still just now getting a lot of the buildings repaired and people moved around,” Kinsaul said. “It’s been a few musical chairs as far as jumping around but we are really excited to be here.”

The building they moved into has been vacant for almost a decade. The remodel of 225 McKenzie Ave. was completed about two months ago. Now that part of the third floor is open in the government center, officials said they are not sure what will take that space.