BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Florida Department of Transportation is working with local leaders as the area sees an influx of new residents.

The Bay County Economic Development Alliance recognizes the county’s growth.

“When you drive around our community, you see road projects all through our community, to us, that is a sign of growth, and with growth comes some growing pains,” Bay County EDA President Becca Hardin said. “Because we all experience the construction projects it was important for us to communicate to FDOT some of our concerns.”

Florida Department of Transportation District Government Affairs Liaison Carter Johnson attended Wednesday’s meeting. He addressed area road projects, that EDA President Becca Hardin said have caused a few accidents.

“We’ve already had, unfortunately, someone hit the airport sign, did quite a bit of damage to it, and had another accident in the roundabout so it’s really about education,” Hardin said. “That is a large project, that is the main entrance into the airport, and working with local law enforcement and with state officials, we’re just trying to educate drivers on how to use that roundabout safely.”

FDOT spokesperson Ian Satter said safety is a priority for all projects.

“The construction that you’re seeing going on today, not only looking at what does congestion going to be like in five months, a year or two years, but we’re also looking 30, 40 years down the road,” Satter said.

Satter said public outreach is important when designing roadways.

“It’s a never-ending process for us and we do work a lot with the locals because obviously those are the people who every day go to work, go to school, live in those areas,” Satter said.

FDOT will continue to look for funding for future projects across the Panhandle. Click here for more information on FDOT projects.