PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Downtown Panama City has been in the revitalization process for years, even before the storm.

Now since Hurricane Michael, many businesses have moved from the area. But new businesses are coming in and former businesses are coming back.

A staple of the downtown area, ‘The Place’, has been hosting Panama City residents for years, now they are getting some new neighbors.

Owner of ‘The Place’, Kim Stiegler says she is happy the area is repopulating.

“I think it’s crucial to our survival downtown and our growth. And with all the new businesses coming in town- both restaurants and other unique items that are coming we think it’s just going to be the place to be,” said Stiegler.

A brand new irish pub named ‘House of Henry’ is coming to Downtown Panama City in the old Wine Dog location.

“We’ve done the demo now and are starting to build the bar. Both bars. We have a front bar and a back bar, entertainment in the back, and Irish pub will be in the front,” said ‘House of Henry’ President, Bobby Beard.

‘House of Henry’ General Manager, Scott Jackson says he is excited to help bring traffic to the area.

“It’s going to be a fun place, the atmosphere is going to be everything that makes it go. The food is going to be consistently good. Panama city has needed this so hopefully, it’s a place to go and brings traffic downtown. Not only to help us but to help everybody around us,” said Jackson.

The ‘House of Henry’ plans to open its doors to the public in mid-March.

And as new businesses are opening, others like ‘Mosey’s’ on Grace Avenue are also coming back.

“Downtown has always been really close to me. I was really worried about what would happen after the storm. I’m really pleased to see new business moving down here, people building these buildings back,” said Mosey’s owner, Judd Manual.

They plan to open back up in the Summer.