BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bicyclists have had difficulties with some of the bike paths along major roads, they’re blocked by concrete spills.

Florida Department of Transportation officials said they did not know about the issues but have been quick to take action.

“We were informed that there was some concrete that was there, it hardens very quickly, so our crews came out today once we were informed, we’re able to get up a majority of it,” FDOT Spokesperson Ian Satter said.

Workers removed a significant pile of concrete Thursday from the bike path on west Highway-98 near Michigan Avenue.

“It was roughly six to eight inches the size of the pile of concrete so it took a substantial amount of work to get a script up and we’ll be back tomorrow or the next day to get it ground up then we’ll have a smooth surface for the bicyclists,” Satter said.

Satter also recognized the potential dangers.

“If someone’s traveling through the bike lane and there’s debris in the roadway, they have to swerve into traffic where there might be motor vehicles,” Satter said. “They may not be expecting that bicycle to swerve so any obstacles that are in the way of bicyclists, drivers, or pedestrians on our system are a hazard.”

Right now, no one knows who’s responsible, but Satter believes it is not intentional.

“Obviously, nobody wants to be purposely dumping anything on the roadway, we feel these are probably most likely accidents that occur,” Satter said.

If you see a concrete spill, FDOT asks you to report it.

“The best thing for us is just to contact us if you do see something that happened so we can go out there and remedy it,” Satter said.

Click here to make a report.