PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A tree lighting ceremony with a somber atmosphere took place at Ascension Sacred Heart Bay Hospital Thursday evening.

Several agencies gathered to remember those who gave The Gift of Life. The Tree of Life is decorated with homemade ornaments. They’re made by people to honor a loved one who donated organs.

Yvonne Petty has attended the Tree of Life event since 2018 after he son was killed in a car accident. His organs have helped 120 people.

“I’ve already had one response back that they told me, they had attended,” Petty said. “They didn’t receive his organs but did receive his tissues and tendons and bone marrow and eyes. And it also encouraged my sister to become a donor and as soon as my license is up for renewal, I will become a donor.”

Petty said she misses her son every day and she attends events year-round to honor him.