BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Three weeks ago, the traffic light at the intersection of Bob Little Road and Cherry Street was destroyed by a tractor-trailer.

Bay County workers replaced the light with four-way stop signs.

“That light’s been there for ever since I’ve been here now,” Springfield Mayor Ralph Hammond said. “That’s back in the 70s.”

Mayor Hammond said Parker owns the southside of the intersection, Callaway owns the northeast and Springfield owns the northwest.

To further confuse matters, Callaway owns the light, but Bay County maintains it.

Bay County officials studied the intersection and is recommending the four-way stops signs. Callaway agrees.

“We feel like the intersection is flowing much more better than it has in the past,” Callaway city manager Eddie Cook said. “We’re going to go ahead and agree with Bay County to leave it a four-way stop.”

However, Springfield and Parker want the light replaced.

“I’ve heard a lot of, not complaints but concerns from our citizens that use that road: they want the light back,” Mayor Hammond said. “So we’re gonna stand by and support their decision, the city supports it.”

“It seems to me it oughta be put back, at least for now, the way it was prior to the truck pulling it down,” Parker Mayor Andrew Kelly said. “It’s a dangerous, dangerous location… We’ve talked with the Sheriff’s Department, and they are in complete agreement that there’s going to be a bad accident there.”

“Spending taxpayer money is very important to the city of Callaway, and we didn’t deem that it was worth us trying to go in and take care of that, and also put that financial burden on our sister cities of Parker and Springfield,” Cook said.

While they may not agree now, they said they are willing to negotiate.

“Just give us time to work through it and we’ll see what happens, and go with the decision that’s made from all of us,” Mayor Hammond said.