PANAMA CITY, FL. (WMBB) — The Panama City Symphony Orchestra brought some lovely tunes Monday to Callaway Elementary School.

The orchestra is visiting several Bay County Schools through their ‘Music To My Ears’ program, introducing students to the basic elements of music such as melody, rhythm, and harmony.

Callaway Elementary School Principal Michelle Good says she hopes her students continue to be involved in music in the future.

“We hope that our scholars that are going to listen to the performance music to my ears will develop a love of music and a love of instruments and want to learn more about them and maybe pursue them in middle school and high school,” said Good.

The symphony used different compositions from past to present to tell a story. The event lasted for about 45 minutes with a question and answer portion after.

Some of the questions that were asked consisted of how long each musician has been playing and how each instrument works. One of the members of the orchestra, Mary Kay Thompson has been a musician for over 60 years. Thompson was formerly a Bay County Schools elementary school music teacher and says being a musician runs in the family.

“I am a fourth-generation musician,” said Thompson. “My father was a band director. My grandfather started the first music festival in 1927. My great-grandfather had a town band in Lamar, Missouri. So it’s gone down four generations.”

The lead bass player for the symphony, David Goldfield said they bright a smaller composition of their orchestra, called a chamber, to perform for the kids.

“We have one violin instead of eight or nine,” Goldfield said. “We had one flute instead of two or three. We had one clarinet and one oboe. And usually, you have multiples of this one bassoon. And then we also had a percussionist, Jordan Hale, on percussion. And being the principal in the bass section, usually I have four to seven bases depending on the gig. Today we’re one bass.”

The Panama City Symphony Orchestra will also perform for Patterson Elementary at 9 a.m. and A. Gary Walsingham Academy at 1 p.m. Thursday, May 11.

For more information about the Panama City Symphony Orchestra, you can click here.