CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Callaway’s economy is growing as more businesses and people move to the city. 

When driving through nearby Callaway, you’ll see some new storefronts and construction sites. City officials say the new projects are part of their rebuilding plan after Hurricane Michael. 

“We’re still continuing massive economic development here within the city,” said Callaway City Manager Ed Cook. “We’re still working with the Bay County Chamber of Commerce. We’re working with our economic developers and our other partners in the area to go in and continue to grow with the rebuild of Tyndall Air Force Base.”

Many of these new developments are underway at Bay Pointe Plaza. The shopping center has a brand new Big Lots that’s expected to open soon as well as a Grocery Outlet. Officials say the abandoned portion of the shopping strip is going to be demolished and replaced with new stores and restaurants. The construction of new hotels such as the Hampton Inn has started as well. 

“We’re also looking at more expansive restaurant styles to be able to come in some sit-down restaurants. That’s a big need that this community has asked for,” said Cook. “We’ve been expanding our park system. Our parks are outstanding. We want to be able to continue to have that amenity not only for our current residents but our future residents. And the people from Tyndall Air Force Base.”

Officials say the goal is to bring more jobs to the area and accommodate current and future Callaway residents. Some residents say they’re excited to see new businesses and economic growth in their town. 

“The money will be good for the economy,” said Callaway resident Garry Ferdinant. “Business and housing is picking up. We’ve got Tyndall and new squads coming in. Right now, business is booming.”

The projects are funded by private and public partnership grants.