CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Callaway Elementary School celebrated its brand-new media center with a ribbon cutting.

St. Joe Community Foundation provided the school funds, allowing them to paint, purchase new furniture, and have vinyl work done.

In total, the process took two months.

Callaway Principal, Michelle Good, also attended the school from kindergarten through fifth grade. She said she felt nostalgic about stepping into the center after becoming principal in June.

Good decided to reach out to the St. Joe Community Foundation for additional help in revamping the media center.

Tyndall Air Force Base also helped renovate by painting the walls.

One new aspect of the media center is its vending machine. Students are able to earn tokens if they portray good character qualities and use them at the vending machine to receive a book.

She said the media center will provide students with a safe space to immerse themselves in knowledge.

“We just wanted our media center to be fun, engaging, out of the box,” Good said. “A place where students can come and learn and can have group work, and that all starts here.”