CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — While the election for the Callaway Commission Ward Four is about a year away, one candidate decided to announce his intention to run Saturday morning.

David Agosta celebrated his birthday Saturday by announcing he will run for the Ward Four commissioner seat.

Agosta has lived in Callaway for 20 years. He served as secretary of the Libertarian Party of Bay County for five years.

He was also previously involved in several campaigns for a handful of politicians.

Agosta said he decided to make his announcement this early because it is his first time running for public office so he wants to get to know all the citizens in Callaway.

He believes Callaway is a great city and wants to see it remain that way for years.

“A lot of politicians and a lot of current office holders, and I’m not naming any names, have always made campaign promises,” Agosta said. “Well, I’m here to tell the citizens, I’m not here to give you campaign promises, I’m here to give you results and I’m going to give you results by listening to you, the people of Callaway, we the people of Callaway are making Callaway strong and better. Let’s make it stronger and better than ever come April 2024.”

In attendance at Agosta’s announcement was former Ward Four commissioner Joe Townsend. Agosta said next week he will be on the side of the road waving his campaign sign at cars passing by.