BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Bertha Swamp Road fire has grown to 14,132 acres and is 10% contained according to the Florida Forest Service.

Fire officials are doing everything they can to keep the flames from spreading.

The Florida Forest Service has deployed a number of bulldozers to help cut off the flames.

However, Florida Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis said there is even bigger equipment helping to quell the inferno.

“Some of the stuff I saw yesterday. It’s about the size of an SUV. What they’re bringing in is much larger,” Patronis said.

And while the equipment being brought in is a huge help, the nature of the landscape after Hurricane Michael downed a large number of trees has made the process of getting to the flames slow-going.

“The dozer has got to be able to go from a road where it can get off of a trailer and then it got to traverse a number of miles and they don’t go 30 miles an hour, they got about 15 miles an hour,” Patronis said.

The Florida Forest Service and National Guard are also fighting the flames by air.

They are scooping up water and dumping it on the fire to help cool the area down.

“You’re not putting out the fire with the water, what it’s doing is creating a water vapor, bringing the temperature, lowering the temperature of the gasses,” Patronis said. “When you lower the temperature of the gasses, it makes it a lot harder for the embers to fly and spread the fire.”

But this fire is very unpredictable and officials said residents near need to stay on alert.

“We were in the Bear Creek area this morning. We’ve had some flare-ups. We’re concerned about that area so residents up there should be on alert watching out for potential flare-ups in that area,” Chief of Bay County Emergency Management Brad Monroe said.

The Bear Creek area is still under a mandatory evacuation order as of Monday evening.