BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — After a three-week break, students are getting ready to be back in the classroom. Bay County Sheriff’s Office said there are some important things to remember come Monday morning.

“Be more aware, because the school buses will be out and about trying to safely get our kids to and from school and we don’t want to interfere with that in any way, shape, or form,” Lieutenant Billy Byrd said.

Lieutenant Byrd said you should brush up on the laws regulating traffic around school bus stops.

“The only time that they don’t need to stop is if it’s two lanes divided by a median, like a grass median or a divided median or something like that, that’s when you need to stop or any other two lanes opposite the same direction need to stop as well and just because the yellow lights come on a school bus, that doesn’t mean speed up that means that means stop because kids are in that area,” Lieutenant Byrd said.

Byrd offers some tips for avoiding delays along bus routes on school days.

“That bus stop every morning, they’re usually within two or three minutes of the same time,” Lieutenant Billy Byrd said. “They’re on a time crunch so if that leaves, that means you leaving two, three minutes, five minutes earlier or later, then do that, make those arrangements.”

Another safety concern is speeding.

“It’s a zero tolerance, if you’re speeding through a school zone, you’re going to get pulled over and you’re going to get a ticket,” Lieutenant Byrd said. “If you pass a school bus, it’s got yellow lights or red lights going and they’re loading kids, you’re going to get pulled over and you’re going to get a ticket.”

When it comes to children walking to and from school, obey the crossing guards who are helping the children get to class safely.

“They wear reflective vests and they have stop signs and they’ll be out there,” Lieutenant Byrd said. “I mean, again, the same time every morning, Monday through Friday, they’re out there during those same times.”

Lieutenant Byrd said there is typically a deputy in every school zone in the morning and afternoon. Deputies will be ready on Monday to help keep school zones a safe place for students.