BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)– The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is working to turn lives around with their new care coordinator positions. Each care coordinator specializes in a particular area ranging from mental health specialists to addiction specialists. The goal of care coordinators is to connect citizens to the resources they need to survive and thrive.

Rick Everitt is a BCSO care coordinator, serving seniors of the community in a variety of ways, whether it be getting his clients therapy or other resources. Currently, Everitt is working to serve five clients in the area.

Danny Allman who is one of the clients credits Everitt for saving his life.

“If I hadn’t met Rick I probably wouldn’t have made it,” said Allman.

Like many in the community, Allman had his whole life destroyed by Hurricane Michael, and the money he got from FEMA was not enough to rebuild. Allman has been living in squalor conditions ever since. His RV trailer he was living in did not have a roof for 18 months causing rainwater to create mold.

Officers did a welfare check on Allman several weeks ago when his poor living conditions made him want to end his life, but thanks to Everitt stepping in, that all changed.

“We were able to prove to him in a 20-hour time frame that when we said we were going to dry his RV we delivered,” Everitt said.

Deputies placed a metal roof on the RV so Allman could lead a better life, but the work did not stop there, and Everitt is still working to assist in securing an affordable living space for Allman.

Allman was an artist before the hurricane and now he said he has gotten the inspiration to go back to painting, saying he now has a positive outlook on life and encourages others to do the same.

“Don’t give up and keep striving ahead and then you’ll get there,” Allman said.

Everitt also said he is working to serve those with dementia in the community with more resources as it is a growing issue within our area that officers, as well as family members, must deal with.