PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — When Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 40-year-old Casey Shuff this week, they said they found truckloads of items stolen over the past few years. 

“So, we received the report of a stolen bike stand and some property on the west end of the beach,” Bay County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Ryan Nelson said. “One of the deputies out there was able to recognize the suspect from security camera footage that we received from the call and knew where he was staying at.”

But, investigators said Shuff admitted to stealing many more items.

“We did bring him back to the residence,” Nelson said. “And he was able to walk through and point out all the items here in this room that he said he had stolen.” 

While deputies said Shuff was able to identify many of the items he stole, he was not able to identify when or where he had taken them. 

“He was not able to articulate where he retrieved the items from just that he had stolen them from the west end of the beach,” Nelson said. 

 Officials said most of the items were taken from the beach between Highway 79, west to the Phillips Inlet Bridge.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office would like to return all recovered items to their original owner. 

“If you recognize any of the items or you have any other unreported items stolen that you feel you need to report, you can contact me and do so and hopefully we can try to get some of these items returned back to their owners,” Nelson said.

If you believe you’re missing any items, contact the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.