BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The plan to redevelop the Bay Point area inched forward at Tuesday’s Bay County Commission meeting.

After tabling discussion at the last meeting, commissioners approved sending the proposal to the state for analysis.

Not everyone is happy with the idea.

“The plan is not making a neighborhood,” concerned resident Jane Brannon said. “This is building a bunch more houses and changing a strip of land into commercial property.”

Developers want to rezone and transform Bay Point by building more residences and adding commercial businesses.

In the plans, the old ‘Meadows’ golf course would be rezoned from recreational to commercial.

Bay County Commissioner Clair Pease said before Hurricane Michael, Bay Point had places to eat and other businesses.

She said transforming the hurricane-destroyed golf course into businesses would help revitalize bay point.

“All of these things cannot just sit there empty growing grass,” Pease said. “It doesn’t make good sense. It’s not good for Bay Point or the neighborhood so we feel like some of the things that he is entertaining the idea of building in that area are going to be good for Bay Point and get a little more action going over there and give them a new breath of fresh air.”

Some residents don’t share that sentiment.

“I think it will severely impact the property values based on environmental problems with traffic, light, noise, and all this stuff,” concerned resident Garland Redmon said.

“Any commercial development on this property would adversely and irrevocably change the residential atmosphere of all the adjoining properties,” concerned resident Wayne Gerth said. “For that reason, I encourage this board to reject this rezoning request.”

Plans detail what kind of businesses would be prohibited, such as those with drive-thru windows. Pease said the development would match the feel of the community.

“The developer, in the beginning, wants to build any of the commercials to go along with the architectural designs that are already in Bay Point,” Pease said. “The design for the neighborhood feel is part of his project and has been from the beginning.”

Initial plans to add an airstrip to Bay Point were officially scrapped from the plans at the meeting.