Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies seize an alarming amount of fentanyl

Bay County

BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — A man is behind bars after Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies seized a large amount of drugs at a traffic stop in Callaway Thursday morning.

Lieutenant Kevin Francis said deputies noticed suspicious activity from 37-year old Ellery Dobbins’ car.

“And at that time we believe that he took that stuff and threw it out of the car in an attempt to distance themself from it and then drove off,” Francis said. “So we made a stop on him and came back to that area and found what he had thrown out the window.”

They found a variety of drugs including methamphetamine and cocaine. Sheriff Tommy Ford said the most alarming is the 3.6 ounces of fentanyl. 

“This is 50 thousand lethal doses of fentanyl so when you’re talking about what the dosage of that is you’re talking about several grains of fentanyl,” Ford said.

Sheriff Ford said Dobbins will be charged with the highest amount of trafficking. He is glad these drugs are off the street but unfortunately this is not a one time issue.

“Why this is important is that we are seeing significant increases in overdose deaths here in Bay County as well as overdoses that are non-fatal,” Ford said.

Sheriff Ford said from January 11 to April 18 there have been 16 fatal overdoses county-wide. The majority of those are from heroin or fentanyl. 

“That represents a 78 percent increase over what we saw at the same time last year,” Ford said.

He said they are seeing fentanyl pressed into other substances, where it could look like a pill but is actually deadly. 

“We are working to do our part and being aggressive to get these off the streets,” Ford said.

He said the opioid problem is a community wide issue and it will take everyone to put an end to it. 

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