BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County Commissioners have approved their first Parks and Recreation Master Plan since Hurricane Michael.

It reflects ideas from both county officials and residents. The plan includes more maintenance and repairs to current parks and possibly creating new facilities based on what citizens want.

Citizens are asking for more amenities like trails and outdoor swimming pools. While the county said they’re dedicated to improving recreational opportunities, there’s a problem, they don’t have enough funding.

“The plan is there to show us what the parks can be and it gives us a roadmap on how we go about getting the parks this way,” Bay County Commissioner Clair Pease said. “Now, when you’re short on funding you don’t just, to me, you don’t just start cutting services, you go out and find new income sources.”

Pease reiterated her previous suggestion to raise additional revenue by instituting paid parking, beach equipment rentals, and food and beverage sales.