BAY COUNTY, FL. (WMBB) — The last week of school is upon us here in Bay County.

Students are eager to make it to summer break, but teachers are getting prepared to make sure their kids are keeping their minds engaged.

This generation is very tech-savvy, and Breakfast Point Principal Clint Whitfield says, there are options online and offline for students to continue learning.

Sora, which is basically they can read books online and they can also do ‘firstinmath‘ in elementary school where they can go solve different problems. But also other community services, they have camps, they have academic camps. I know that there’s usually some STEM camps during the summer through the colleges, and I know that the public libraries offer things as well,” said Whitfield.

Counselor Alexandra Severs says sometimes students have a hard time adjusting when they come back from summer break.

“I think the biggest thing whenever they come back to school is getting readjusted to that routine and the daily schedule of being here at school and having to work on classroom assignments and things that teachers are asking them and asking them to do in the classroom,” Severs said. “Whereas over the summer, you know, if they’re playing video games or staying on their phones or tablets for long extended periods, then it takes them a little bit longer to get adjusted to the classroom environment.”

Some students are excited about learning this summer such as third grader Vivianna Marolla.

“Well, I was invited to a Miami STEM camp so I will be doing that in June. I am also reading Harry Potter, so I will be reading some Harry Potter books,” Marolla said.

For those students who need to make up time or catch up on work, summer school starts the second week in June.

“So this year we actually have summer school for students who qualify. So we’ll have summer school for students here. Whether they’ll be here with teachers catching up on work, or staying engaged. So we do have that option, as do other schools in the district,” Whitfield said.

For more information about summer programs offered by Bay County Schools, click here.