BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – The Bay County Parks and Recreation Department has found a solution to quickly maintaining their sports complexes.

It used to take staff days to paint all five athletic complex fields but now can complete field painting in less than an hour.

“It means straighter lines, we are taking human error out of it,” Division Manager Travis Barbee said.

Before each soccer or football season, the parks and recreation department would prepare by lining and painting their fields.

“Last year it took ten guys, a full ten-hour day,” Barbee said.

He said staff walked miles stretching measuring tape to mark the field, before adding a new layer of paint. But now there’s a new system, it’s called the ‘Turf Tank.’

It helps to cut back on hours and allows more time for staff to make other field improvements.

“We will probably mow, at least 10 or 20 acres more a week, or clean more bathrooms or pick up more garbage,” Barbee said. “So even if you aren’t on an athletic field you are still feeling the impact of this robot.”

And in about 36 minutes, the robot completed paintwork for an entire soccer field, all with straight lines.

“We lease it for $10,000 and that comes with a $2,000 paint allowance,” Barbee said. “It holds two and a half gallons of paint, so that’s all we really have to check or to make sure the paint doesn’t run out and the battery doesn’t die.”

This rolling paint machine can also create special logos that can be featured in the middle of the field.

So far, Bay County only has one of these painting robots. But after this season they will look into the cost and efficiency of leasing a second painting robot.