BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating a car accident that killed four people, including a child, on Friday.

Authorities said a grey sedan was heading south in the northbound lane of Highway 231 without lights late Friday night.

The other car, a white Ford sedan was traveling north when the two collided. The northbound vehicle caught on fire, and all three people inside were killed.

The driver of the grey sedan was also killed.

Lieutenant Jason King with the Florida Highway Patrol said they are still working to identify the victims.

“We are working really hard to try to follow leads to confirm who the family members were that we lost in the car fire,” Lt. King said. “We are waiting for the medical examiner’s reports to help us kind of follow those leads to confirm identity, but the car was burned so bad, we don’t have normal information we could get off the car to help in tracing that, so we are going to have to dig a little deeper.”

The Florida Highway Patrol has a victims advocate on staff who is helping the families, survivors and witnesses of the crash.