Appreciating our law enforcement for all they do

Bay County

BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — This week is National Police Week. In honor of that, we want to thank our law enforcement here in the panhandle for all they do. 

They join the force for a different reason, but in the end, they all say their goal is to serve the community. 

To learn about what they do each day, News 13 rode along with Lieutenant Nick Hall with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and asked some questions. 

 “We just want people to know that we are out here for them,” Hall said.

Lieutenant Hall became a cop when he was 20 years old.

“I am your cliche 9/11 cop,” Hall said. “So I was going to college to become a pharmacist and 9/11 happened. The next Monday we had school, I enrolled in the law enforcement academy.”

He spent years on patrol, then joined the K-9 unit and now he is a lieutenant. 

“That’s my job as a platoon leader is to lead those guys in the direction that they want to go or get them to reach their career goals because I mean I’m pretty much at mine this is what I wanted,” Hall said.

Each day these men and women typically work 12-hour shifts, balancing service calls, paperwork, and of course their families. 

“That’s the hardest part is being able to compartmentalize what you do at work and not taking it home to you in the family,” Hall said. 

Hall said he often deals with difficult situations. He said seeing those things will never get easier, but it is his job to protect and serve. 

“And we deal with people all the time on what is probably what they consider to be the worst day of their life and we need to understand that and be there for them and take care of whatever problem they give us,” Hall said. 

Hall said one of the hardest to deal with is child crimes. However, when he helps someone in need it makes him feel proud and reminds him why he joined the force. 

“That’s what we’re here for so I mean it’s not always glory-filled but it’s rewarding,” Hall said. “Everything we do is rewarding.”

Hall said he and his fellow deputies feel blessed to serve in Bay County, and they continuously feel supported by the community. 

He said he wants everyone to know that it’s not about the paycheck – it’s about helping the people. 

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