PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay High administrators are working to address an embarrassing prank in the school’s yearbook.

The offensive comments surfaced when the book was distributed to students this week. Principal Billy May said Friday that a student changed the word pelican on the spine of the book to a sexual phrase.

A senior also had an inappropriate sexual comment in their senior quote that was not caught during the final editing of the book. Superintendent Bill Husfelt said students can often find a way even when adults are monitoring their actions.

The “sponsor can check all they want but those kids are still going to do some things,” Husfelt said. “If a student intentionally wants to do something in the yearbook, they’ll figure a way to do it. I mean, the devious mind is something that is hard to trap.”

Husfelt said administrators won’t recall the yearbooks but they do plan to place a sticker over the sexual wording.