BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Bay County Sheriff’s Office has arrested three locals involved in a large drug trafficking case. They were sentenced to between 15-25 years, two on trial, and another found guilty by a jury.

Jessica Ann Heath, 37, from Panama City Beach entered a plea of guilty to trafficking amphetamine with more than 200 grams, transportation of a controlled substance, and two misdemeanors. Heath has been sentenced to 17.5 years. Todd Ware, 49, from Panama City pled no contest to several drug counts and resisting arrest. Loviko Howard Jr, 30 from Panama City found guilty of trafficking more than 14 grams of Fetanyl. Howard has been sentenced to 25 years.

“Our office has stated that we are committed to keeping Bay County citizens safe from these drugs and drug traffickers and we mean it. We will continue to vigorously prosecute these crimes,” said Prosecutor Dustin Miller.

The vehicle involved in Health’s case was searched findings came back that a 224-gram package of methamphetamine was hidden in the rim of the spare tire, said K-9 Fila.

In Ware’s case for trial, the defendant ignored commands refusing to stop resisting during arrest. Officers found four bags of 24 grams of fentanyl and another bag of methamphetamines containing 7 grams.

Howard’s case involved a co-defendant both were passed out in a local business parking lot, and a probable cause search of the vehicle resulted in several illicit items. Additionally, there was a safe filled with fentanyl and ID cards, written in a press release.

During the arrest, Howard was found on camera attempting to hide additional bags of substances.

Ware sentencing is pending until Monday.