CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — What used to be thriving businesses became vacant units with gravel on the floor and holes in the ceiling after Hurricane Michael.

“After the storm, the building was just completely destroyed. The insurance money was not enough to bring it back,” said Ed Cook, Callaway City Manager.

The city is partnering with the owner of the strip mall on Tyndall Parkway and Cherry Street to begin the rebuild process.

They will use a $1.3 million home revitalization grant and $1.1 million provided by the owner to rebuild the shopping center.

“We’re hoping to bring in approximately 12-15 different businesses. That will employ somewhere around 150 local area residents to bring back jobs to the area,” said Cook.

All of the incoming stores and restaurants will be brand new.

Cook said the next step is to start drawing up plans.