BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Some students know the sacrifices made by veterans. Third-grade students at Hiland Park Elementary School and Tyndall Academy are making cards for the veterans at Clifford Chester Sims State Veterans Nursing Home.

In cards, students shared their thoughts and thanked them for their service.

Panama City is home to a lot of military families and several children have members who serve. The children know how hard it is when their families go on deployment. The students were happy to share what they wrote.

“My cousin is in the air force right now,” third grader Jet Blackman said. “I’m thankful for your service. You risked your life for our country. And my cousin was in the air force. So, if you ever see, you don’t know, maybe you can write back.”

A third-grade teacher at Tyndall Acadamy says recognizing our veterans is important since we have so many serving from our area.

“Especially here, for such a high population, a lot of them settle here,” third grade teacher, Kimberly Rodriguez, said. So just knowing that they’re remembered they’re part of the community they’re thought of. I mean, that’s something the kids there instilled at home. They bring it here. And even for those students who aren’t military, they’re just regular civilians. They feel it here and that just when they’re going out into the community, they have that habit of thanking them when they see them, recognizing them when they see them, and appreciating it.”

The veterans at Sims Nursing Home will be receiving the cards second weekend of November.