BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Day two of the new school year is in the books and so far things seem to be going smoothly.

But there are questions specifically about the cell phone policy for students in Bay District Schools.

Kids ‘can’ carry cell phones on campus, but the way they use the varies from school to school. Bay District Schools has what they call a ‘no device’ policy.

“It does not allow a student to have that phone in the ‘on’ position or out unless it is part of the instructional process. And that is led by the teacher, that is their decision to make,” BDS Operational Support Services Executive Director Josh Balkom said.

Balkom said the ‘no device on school campus’ policy doesn’t mean that students can’t have their phones on campus.

But during class time, they must keep their phones hidden or in a bag.”For years schools have struggled with students not paying attention in class…and instead looking at their phones.

But schools cannot legally prevent kids from bringing phones to class.

“State law allows students to have a cell phone on their possession. And that was established several years ago in response to emergency situations. So that children can have access to their parents in the event,” Balkom said.

One charter school found a unique way to keep students attentive in class.

Central High School is using a program called Yondr this year.

Each student has an individual pouch where they keep their electronic devices.

“You just take your phone, you slip it in there, it’ll actually hold a phone plus a set of AirPods and a watch all in one pouch. You click it together, push the button and it’s set. And so once it’s in there you can’t get it open,” Central High School Principal Jeremy Knapp said.

To open the pouch at the end of the day students smack the edge of the pouch against a magnetic base, then the pouch opens. The charter school charges $25 per pouch.

As for taking cell phones away during class in Bay District Schools, Balkom said he doesn’t recommend that.

In the past, student phones ended up lost, stolen or broken.

Balkom said the individual principals set each Bay District Schools’ cell phone policy.’

Parents can check with their child’s school for guidance.