PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Bay County is working to remove derelict vessels from St. Andrew’s Bay this week.

It’s the start of a three-million dollar effort to continue the removal of hurricane debris and storm-impacted vessels from area waterways this summer.

They will remove four boats this week, two by the Hathaway Bridge and two in Watson Bayou.

It will cost $18,600 to remove those four vessels from the waters.

The first two boats by the Hathaway Bridge were planned to be removed Tuesday, but the weather postponed it to a later date.

Bay County Commissioner Bill Dozier said derelict vessels that are left in the water can cause an array of problems.

“It’s important for safety, for boaters, it’s safety for the environment. A lot of times when the vessel goes down there’s fuel in the tank, so that fuel get out into the bay there’s a lot of damage,” Dozier said.

Hurricane Michael left around 1,370 destroyed or damaged vessels in local waters. Around 1,100 of those have already been removed or repaired.

Residents who wish to report Hurricane Michael-affected vessels may email the removal team at or call (850) 378-2330.