BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — At 2:10 Thursday afternoon, Bay County Emergency Officials were called to a home on fire.

The home was located on Raccoon Rd., which turns off of Skunk Valley Rd. off of Hwy 77.

Upon arrival, the double-wide mobile home was engulfed in flames. At first emergency services said they had trouble determining if the home was unoccupied, but it was indeed empty and no injuries have been reported.

The fire was contained in about 30 minutes, but officials are asking property owners to be extra cautious.

Bay County Battalion Chief of Emergency Sevices, Ray Hottinger explains, “We’re very very dry, the winds have not subsided and may not for a couple more days. Until we get some significant rain we must have no open burning, no outdoor burning of any kind. This [fire] is so far not from that, but we had a couple of fires yesterday that were, and there are a lot of resources that are tied up down south, and still will be for some time.”

After the devastation from Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida Wednesday, NWFL doesn’t need to be exhausting resources.

Officials do not yet know how the fire started, but explain that the dry conditions will only exasperate fires that do start. The fire marshall is still investigating.