LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — A man once accused of fraudulently obtaining a license for construction work and then using it in Bay County has settled the criminal case against him and spoke exclusively to News 13 about the case Monday.

Gordon Andrews said he was targeted by law enforcement and charged with several felonies because he loudly spoke out against a change by Bay County officials in 2019. That change was to no longer allow contractors who got licenses in Calhoun County to do work in Bay County.

State investigators have charged Dowling Parrish, the Calhoun county building official who oversaw the program, with official misconduct, scheme to defraud, and extortion.

Andrews argues that his license was valid, that he also retained a separate valid contracting license, and that other counties outside of bay never forced contractors with Calhoun credentials to stop working.

“That I’m innocent. I want people to know that I am innocent. That I did believe with all my heart that no one ever got arrested unless they had done something wrong and now I know that is not true.” Andrews said.

Andrews’ case was minimized from a felony to a misdemeanor and he entered a pre-trial intervention program to resolve that charge. He added that the rule change in Bay County only applied to people who got the licenses in 2019 and later but that many more contractors got the allegedly fraudulent license out of Calhoun County for years and are still working in the area.

You can watch the full interview with him here.