ESTO, Fla. (WMBB) — Tucked in the woods of Holmes County is a house that is now nothing but rubble.

Neighbors said the couple who lived at 1329 Beaver Dam Road were kind, humorous people. But Thursday morning, nearby residents realized something was off.

“A neighbor had come by the house and seen a power line drooping down across the road and looked to the left and seen the house had been burnt,” Holmes County Sheriff John Tate said.

That’s when law enforcement learned the house burned down the night before. They said they may now know how the fire started.

“They’re leaning toward, you know, some heaters inside,” Tate said. “But they haven’t given an official report on that. And, you know, I don’t know if where they’re at in their investigation as far as that. But we saw a couple of space heaters inside the residence that could have contributed to where it started out.”

Tate said there is still cold weather looming this winter season. He said residents should be cautious with heaters before turning them on.

“If you’re going to use space heaters, you just make sure that your surrounding areas around them, you know, there’s nothing that can catch fire or flammable,” Tate said.

He said there are no signs of foul play. He said the bodies are being examined to determine the identities of the victims.