BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Eight suspects in connection to Wednesday’s prostitution bust had their first court appearance on Thursday.

Many of them are facing felony and misdemeanor charges. Three women were arrested at two massage parlors in unincorporated Bay County.

36-year-old Bingdan Yan is charged with living off of the earnings of a prostitute and solicitation for prostitution. 50-year-old Miyeon Chang is facing renting a space to be used for prostitution and 56-year-old Guixiang Kong is charged with prostitution.

Chang was reportedly renting the space on Winona Drive. An employee of the Joun Spa on Winona told police although she never explicitly discussed sexual acts with Chang, there was no way she didn’t know about what was taking place inside the business.

In Panama City, 46-year-old Hongmei Liu is being charged with deriving from the proceeds of prostitution, renting space for prostitution and prostitution. 38-year-old Haiyan Li is facing procure for prostitute.

The report said an undercover officer received a massage from Liu. She reported using the fake name, “Amy.”

She reportedly offered to perform sexual acts on the officer for $60, which he declined.

Liu told police massage fees and tips went to pay rent for the massage parlor, Panama City Massage and Spa on Highway 98.

Li has a prior prostitution charge from 2016 and admitted to the officer she was living in “De Cozy Spa” on her own will.

Panama City Beach Police arrested the other three women at two more parlors.

53-year-old Jie Zhao and 61-year-old Haiyan Qin are charged with soliciting prostitution and simple battery. 55-year-old Yuqin Liu is facing a prostitution charge.

Officers said all of the women made their intentions clear by asking the undercover officers if they wanted a sexual act performed on them by either gesturing or grabbing them in a sexual manner.

All of the officers declined the acts.