PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Raising children can be an intimidating experience. Especially for new and expecting parents.

With so much to learn, help is available.

The Healthy Start Coalition partnered with several community organizations today for it’s annual World’s Greatest Baby Shower at First United Methodist Church.

Healthy Start’s Executive Director, Sharon Trainor gave a tour of everything at today’s baby shower.

“We’re having our annual world’s greatest baby shower, and it’s for any pregnant parents. Mom and dad and baby up to six months of age. We have it once a year, usually in the spring before it gets really hot because nobody wants to come out and be all big and pregnant or with newborns. And being in July and a hundred degree weather.”

“Tons indoor prizes, we have over eight prizes that are over $200 apiece worth. We have 50 or 60 vendors that are just providing gift bags and door prizes and just all kinds of fun stuff. We have a lot of our OBGYN offices, we have our pediatricians, we have our hospitals and anything that can help a pregnant parent and a newborn up to age six months, a lot of community services that a lot of people may not know that are readily available for them.”

“And we also have like a baby crawling contest, which gets a trophy, a dad’s diaper changing that gets this great gift basket for the car cleaning and just all kinds of fun stuff and events. Our whole mission is to have the healthiest pregnant mom and dad, to be knowledgeable and we have the new fatherhood program, which is awesome.”

“That can help the new dads as well. And anything that whether it’s car seat safety, safe sleep, breastfeeding, just something as simple as how to mix formula. I mean, it’s anything that it takes to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.”