Apalachicola will require masks inside business establishments

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With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the city of Apalachicola will now require masks to be worn inside all business establishments. The order put out by the mayor will go into effect on thursday.

Janice Curnew and Mike Gayron who are visiting from tampa… Have been wearing masks since the pandemic began.

“She’s a cancer survivor,” said Gayron.

 “I have no immune system,” said Curnew. 

“So right away we say we are going to wear masks for that reason,” said Gayron. 

They had no idea masks will soon become mandatory in apalachicola  – but agree it’s a good idea.

“You’re free to do anything you want outside,” said Gayron. “When you walk into a store it’s the same thing you gotta wear a shirt and shoes you gotta wear a mask.”

When Mayor Kevin Begos saw cases in Gulf County beginning to rise he decided to sign this emergency proclamation.

“I think it will help us keep our businesses open,” said Begos. “We want to stay somewhat open and not let the pandemic go out of control.”

The mayor believes that by requiring masks inside of retail stores and grocery stores they could save a few lives. Some exceptions include when you are outside exercising, sitting at a park, people attending religious services, people with preexisting breathing conditions or eating inside of a restaurant.

“I understand it’s an inconvenience but to me it’s not a big sacrifice,” said Begos.

The mayor says the order will officially go into effect on Thursday, and there’s no specific timeline for how long the requirement will last.

“It can be rescinded at any point after seven days or even by city commissioners,” said Begos

According to the mayor the reaction around the town has been split. Some do not like the order while others have been asking for it.

Business owners around town believe this is how they will play their part in stopping the spread of this virus.

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