LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Lynn Haven Animal Control volunteers are preparing for an influx of calls about missing pets because of the loud booms from fireworks this Fourth of July.

Animal experts said the holiday sees the highest number of pets run away because of the loud fireworks.

“Well, it is a real bad situation with the fireworks and stuff. A lot of the animals are very scared of the loud noises — the booms and stuff,” said Lynn Haven Animal Control Supervisor, Ramona Bibbs.

Bibbs said it’s all hands on deck at the animal shelter on Independence Day.

“The phones are usually nonstop,” Bibbs said. “We’re always on the road and it also goes into the next day.”

Bibbs said they’re pulling shifts to make sure someone is there answering the phones or patrolling the streets.

“So we will be out there to try and save them before they get into the roads and get hit by a car,” Bibbs said. “We’ll be here manning the phones also to get the phone calls when the owners are calling in that their animals got out to get them back to their owners, we’ll have microchip scanners to scan them to see if they got microchips to get them back to their owners right away.”

She said there are a few ways you can lower your furry friend’s anxiety during the fireworks.

“Nights like this with the fireworks and stuff people should bring them inside away from the noise with the TV on some kind of noise going on,” Bibbs said. “Maybe some calming stuff for them reassuring them that it’s okay because they’re looking for that.”

Bibbs said if you don’t have a microchip or a tag with your name and phone number, she suggests writing your phone number on their collar. This will help people be able to find your pet’s home a lot quicker.