PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — BigShots Golf incorporates two of Bay County residents’ favorite things: golfing and dining out. 

“What we do is we have anchored our experience around food,” BigShots Golf’s Chief Operating Officer T.J. Schier said. “We’ve got an outdoor driving range with some great technology. So, whether you’re a golfer and you want to hear or see all your swing data or you’re a non-golfer and just want to come out with family and friends and enjoy some time together.”

The facility will be built where Legacy Golf Course’s driving range currently sits on Back Beach Road. 

“Taking 13 acres and adding 150 jobs in our community is just as exciting as it can be,” Panama City Beach Mayor Mark Sheldon said. “I mean, we are over the moon excited about having another destination property.”

The facility is the result of a partnership struck between Oasis Golf and the owners of Legacy Golf Course. 

Officials emphasize despite adopting the name and business model of a national corporation, everything from construction to operation will stay local. 

“We love to partner with local business owners so this is not a corporate location. This is a locally owned business,” Schier said.

Officials said they feel the facility will fill a gap in the region’s tourist economy. 

“If you are from Panama City Beach or if you use this as your vacation destination, then you do know when it rains or when it’s cold, you have to find something else to do,” Vice President of Marketing for Oasis Resorts Elise Whiteman said. “And all of our properties are so family centric.”

They also hope to attract locals. 

“I think this we’re going to be able to get people that are not only staying on the beach or in Bay County, but we’re also going to have people drive over from different locations and maybe experience Panama City Beach for the first time,” Whiteman said. 

BigShots Golf should break ground this fall and open in early 2024.